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This is a full-length video of Rachel Dratch & Tina Fey’s show, Dratch & Fey,(that they used to performer at the original UCB Theatre, 161 West 22nd Street). It looks like this was filmed at Second City.

Thanks to under-the-gun-theater & mullaney for finding it and posting it on Facebook!

(Edit: initially misunderstood where the video was from!)

THIS GUY. (Also, THAT GUY.) (at All About Books and Comics)

THIS GUY. (Also, THAT GUY.) (at All About Books and Comics)

Love, Del. #Wasteland (at All About Books and Comics)

Love, Del. #Wasteland (at All About Books and Comics)

Dystopian Rhythms

When you’re in a dream that’s part sciency-religious-cult taking over the whole world/part Simpsons episode and an enthusiastic karate kick turns into the searing pain of a monumental calf cramp, sure it’s okay, if you can’t find the bananas that you bought yesterday at Safeway (meaning they never made it back in the cart after being rung up or that they never made it into the car or that they’re still in the car), to make tacos where the taco shells are slices of hard salami and provolone (which was in the CLEARANCE MEATS section of Safeway) and the taco filling is Safeway potato salad.

This dream, post, & life was brought to you by Safeway. Print this out & redeem for $1 off a 12-pack of Dr. Skipper.

(In trying to confirm the name of Safeway’s house brand ripoff version of Dr Pepper, I found no less than three different websites documenting ripoffs of Dr Pepper. Some of them have been in existence since 1997!

Kibo’s Fake Dr Pepper Roundup

The (Not Very) Authoritative Doctor Soda Page (based at MIT!)

Not Quite What the Doctor Ordered



How I almost signed over my entire life to Applebee’s for a gift card of an indeterminate amount.

Also their last tweet. Who do they think I am? I went to COLLEGE.

This is NUTS. 

What kind of scam is Applebee’s running, y’all?! There’s something rotten in the usually otherwise delicious Brew Pub Pretzels & Beer Cheese Dip.